1 Or 2

1 or 2 monitor setup for blender what do you think?

2 monitors are nice for professional-level animation and texture painting, but it won’t make you twice as good…

True but i was thinking that it helps you be faster. Does anyone use a two monitor setup?

I’ve been using 2 monitors for quite some years now.
I can’t imagine using only one monitor ever again.

Even for non blender work, having two monitors is really useful.

However, does it make you faster?
Depends on what you use them for.
Like, if you are watching youtube in one monitor and working on another - This may make your work more relaxing, but it will drastically slow you down.
If you have photoshop on one monitor and blender on another - You speed up, as you don’t have to minimise anything, and you don’t forget what you wanted to do while minimising maximising, as you can compare left and right with a glance (Specifically, like if you are drawing a UV texture, and you want to recognise the topology).

Thats good to know. Anyone else?

Hi, I use two, couldn’t live without 2, I realize that 3 would be ideal, 3 eyes, 3 monitors. It is very useful with a toot in one and the app in another, sadly mine are not matched…yet, but I love em. So 2.

Ill probably get two but does anyone else have experience?

The nice thing about 2 monitors is you can have your work (photoshop, blender, audacity,…) on one, and other stuff on the other (folders, email, porn, youtube,…)

I can’t work with porn on one monitor… I need both hands to use Blender efficiently.

Maybe that’s what the 3d manipulator widget is for…

I work with Blender on the one monitor and Youtube on the other.

I use tablet, so I prefer to use one monitor for blender and another one for other applications :slight_smile:

When animating a character, I have my dopesheet, actions and curves on one screen, and the 3d viewport(s)m including a camera view, on the other - bliss, and I could not go back to one screen. Mind, I have been using two screens since at least 15 years. And I want three screens now - less switching. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also very handy for tutorials: tutorial on the left, app on the right.

i use two monitors. one for the main interface (3d view) and the second with node editor and the outliner (this is the default config when i start blender). anyway two monitors is the best solution for everything… if you have it, you never come back.

Using 2 screens for years now, thinking on getting a 3rd one.
BTW, there was a study recently that in all areas of IT work a second screen increases productivity.

What did it say about the third one? :slight_smile:

I was wondering the same as the topic, is it difficult to setup them? Are they “borderless”? I mean, can i move the mouse from one to the other seamlessly or should i hold down a shortcut (wacom cintiq like)?

Hey everyone I tried using 2 monitors and I love it! And in answer to your question they are pretty easy to setup and when you move the mouse past the edge of th screen it appears on the other one.

I use 2 monitors for work and I love it!

Thanks! I should give it a try

Yup and you should it makes a world of difference!