1 UV map on multiple objects

I am sure this is very simple and I may just be trying to hard and not seeing it right in front of me. I have 4 identicle objects that will be UV textured the same. I have UV unwrapped 1 of them and applied the texture in the uv image editor. Now I want to apply the same textured map on the other 3 objects. For the life of me I cannot get this to happen. Please tell me how this is accomplished and end my frustration…I beg of you!

AFAIK, the UV stuff is all stored in the mesh data, so you’ll have to recopy all the other objects.

OR: You can go into the edit buttons link&materials section for the copied object and use the dropdown to change the object’s mesh to whichever one the original object is using. This will have the retroactive effect of making them all as if they were copied using alt-d – they all have the same mesh (local space geometry), but are affected by different object space transformations and object options (which can be copied around using shift-ctrl-c, too).