1 Year at elysiun!

Although ive visited this site for a while its been a year since i joined elyiun! :smiley: And in that time i must say the amount of improvement over last year throughout the entire community has improved girastically(spell?), I dont know if its’ the recent quantum leap in improvements in Blender it’s self or of the ever expanding talent base of blender, but its turning into a competing force in the CG world. So i’d like to say thx to everyone here who helped me out through this time and despite a few flame wars it has been enjoyable experience to say the least!

congradulations, for me that goes in 10 1/2 months :slight_smile:

Congrats! :wink:

Congrats :smiley:
I first joined 35251200 secounds ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the spamming!

the spam sheriff strikes again,…I wonder if it has occured to valarking that a message with the content: (quote) + " keep up the spamming " is, not simply obnoxious, but could in itself qualify as ‘spam’ as the term has been used here?

Lay off the flamebait Modron.

Someone should listen to his own advice…


I disagree. I refuse to let Modron provoke me into one of his beloved piss fights.

You could be making a mistake disagreeing with the administrator :-?

If this is what happens whne i post a “good will” post this forum has truly gone done the drain. :frowning:

At least it’s not all down the drain, there’s still good topics without flaming.

you have a funny idea of what ‘flamebait’ and ‘spam’ mean VK,…and if you percieve my remark as such, I suggest that perhaps you are overly sensitive.

This is not totalitarianism, I think people get a bit of a say.

Whatever, you were obviously presenting plently of insults completely uncalled for. I’m sure you were intending to provoke me. Maybe you can take your anger out on a dog or something.

actually, i was merely pointing out the irony of your initial post. irony, as in accusing someone of being insulting, when in fact, the only one doing any insulting is,…you.

I didn’t point out that he was insulting, just spamming.

A simple “how ironic” would do.

I find it yet more ironic that you see fit to lecture in conduct and manners.

Obviously something you need work in.

you can spin your wheels all day, but you can’t take the high ground with me until you set the standard with your own behavior.

Says who?