1 year BGE contest?

Would anyone be interested in a 1 year contest using the game engine, to see who can make the best game? I would love to not have restricted gametypes, but for determining a winner, it may be a necessity. But please post if you’re interested.

Ya that would be cool to have a one year game contest:). I might compete a game in that time:D.

I dont even remember what I did yesterday, no way imma remember this poll 1 year from now.

then just write it big on the wall of your bedroom so you can see it every morning and night:p i bet you won’t forget:p

but a nice idea actually!! i like it!!

yeah can i be the judge who tests all the games

me too but it’s worth a try

I think it should probably be a bigger deal than bragging rights if it’s for a year long. Maybe there should be a prize or something. I’m not sure how to implement this or anything, just seeing if folks would want to do it. Maybe a mod will take notice and set it up. The reason I posted this, is after I played Hellstation, I realized it could have been soo much better if there was more time. It seems like most contest games are kind of half baked things with glimpses of innovation, but because of time crunches, they don’t end up amounting to much.

well i’d potentially set one up through blender battles if it was wanted alot. but it would be for a smaller game but of a better quality. somthing like the frogger demo that was around.

It would definately need some prizes. Perhaps Nvidia would get in on it (i dunno)

I’m not an expert, but with a year long contest you are removing an important factor for games production: time.

I sugest including some intermediary deadlines for each one of the production phases.

I would love to participate! Is Hellcastle alright to enter, because I have already been working on it for a month or so.