10-15 Second surrealistic SciFi-esque CGI animation

Hello animators, and CGI artists!

I am looking for a really professional, visually compelling animation for my company logo. /uploads/default/original/4X/0/0/2/0024a8aa3c614fd1de05bd586d16de2ce1acf58f.jpgstc=1
I want this thing to look like it came out of Tron or a cutscene in Halo, Mass Effect 3, Planetside 2, etc.

I am a professional sound designer and composer for commercials and film, and will be sound designing and scoring the final animation. You can see some of my work at www.alexfultonaudio.com . I want to use this as a chance to show off the caliber of production my team is capable of, so the visual really has to WOW viewers.

The logo symbol is a vacuum tube, which is used in a lot of high end audio gear. I envision the animation following a stream of electricity into the bulb and displaying it’s inner workings in a surrealistic, futuristic, larger than life animation with lots of high tech futuristic stuff going on inside to sound design, then finally pulling out with a flash of light as the tube illuminates and then dims to the soft hum and glow that vacuum tubes emit, and settling back to the 2D version of the logo.

I know it’s a tall order, but for the right animator I am happy to pay the bill.

I am managing this job on Elance, so if interested, please bid there ( https://www.elance.com/j/seeking-cgi-artists-animators-create-second-sci-fi-esque-animation/50539754/ ) When you do, mention that you are from Blender Artists, and link me to your reel as well. I have followed this community for years under a different username and it would be great to hire someone from here!



I’ve sent you a PM.