10 new road HDRIs + 170 backplates + more...

Hey guys, just thought I’d share some new HDRIs I uploaded yesterday:

Those are a few of my favourite ones, but there are a couple more if you’re curious: https://hdrihaven.com/bundle.php?b=roads_01

This now brings the total number of HDRIs on HDRI Haven to 65 - you can see an expansive list here. They’re all available for free at 1k resolution, or $5.95 each if you need a bigger size.

This is the first bundle of HDRIs that comes from a trip Rico Cilliers (aka Guss) and I recently took to Cape Town. It’s focused on vehicle rendering, so it comes with 170 background images that match the HDRIs to make compositing your cars and whatnot easier. For the next few days, the bundle also comes with some extras like seamless textures, a high-poly Audi R8 and a nice car paint shader.

Jackdarton helped me with a couple renders to try out some of the HDRIs+backplates:

Again, just two of my favourites :slight_smile: You can see a couple more at the bottom of the bundle page. They were all lit with only an HDRI, and used one of the background photos that come with the HDRI. Cycles makes it pretty easy to get good results with very little effort, as long as the background and HDRI match.

If you make anything cool with the HDRIs, I’d really love to see it :slight_smile:

Looks nice. $6 a hdr is cheap and the quality looks great. Can cycles render separate shadow pass? Or just the shadow? Like in those renders?

I’m a bit out of the loop when it comes to those things.

Cool stuff. I bought the five pack that were in the blendermarket sale at the start of the year.

Quick question, how did the subtle reflections get executed in this image?

There is a shadow pass, but it doesn’t include any of the shadows/light cast by HDRIs or mesh lights. So to work around this you have to make another render layer that has only the ground in it, and then divide the diffuse passes of that by the diffuse passes of the main render layer. That gives you a pretty much perfect shadow/lighting pass which you then just multiply over the background image. Sounds complicated but it’s pretty re-usable once you’ve set it up.

I also like to project the background image onto the ground plane itself so the reflections on the car match up nicely, but that’s entirely optional.

I’m not entirely sure, Jack did these, but I’m guessing just some more render pass magic. I’m planning to make a tutorial about all this sometime, so I guess I’ll figure it out soon :slight_smile: