10:Philosophia Overzealot Unlearning Dyscontent Sycophantium Laurel's Wraith, more...

These new works are from my stylistic/symbolic Reflections series which also include Venus di niente, The Emperor’s New Vision, Mantra, Indoctrination, and The Atlas Assumption:

Philosophia and Her Problems


Unlearning to Learn

Dyscontent (When All You Want Is More and Less)


Laurel’s Wraith (The Praise-Seeker Will Not Have Silence)

Lamentatio (Outcry for Generations)


Partial Eclipse

Delilah, Deceived

All pure Blender 2.44 with exception of some additional saturation tweaking on “Unlearning to Learn.”

As always, interpretations are encouraged!

Thank you for viewing my work,



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Ooo I really like these RobertT! The lighting on all three of them is excellent. I really, really like the middle image. It reminds me of Pascal Blanche’s stuff. Could we see wires of these?

You’re ridiculous…in a good way. :yes:

:smiley: as usual, Tiess’ art compel you to screw your eyeball to catch everything in the scene…

I especially like “Unlearning to learn”. Even if the two others are good, this one is especially powerful :slight_smile:

Plus it reminds me of when I started using Blender… hehehe

excellent work!
you seem to enjoy wiry circles and twirls. careful that they dont distract the viewer from the subject matter. i like the double nature or heaven/hell-type of duality of the first one.

the second one does remind me of Blanche’s work, not modeling-wise, but rather in the odd color scheme that somehow always reminds me of old 70s sci-fi illustrations. its a neat look. i dont agree with the swirls, the surface loses most sense of depth that the lighting tries to build up, but i guess ‘overzealous’ could refer to the artist being overly excessive in adding to a piece that would work better without frills and unnecessary detail.

the third is interesting but looks more like the unraveling of a mind and thoughts escaping rather than a supression of prejudices and prior knowledge in order to gain a fresh viewpoint as suggested. the desaturated ‘death’ of constrained knowledge with the ‘hope’ of the coloured rebirth looks more like a vibrant living mind coming apart and decaying into black and white ‘death’.

that will be $0.02, please.

As usual more compositional supremacy from the master.
The first is a tad done before but great in context of the series.
The second has such a wonderful style to it, very artsy.
I love the composition & style in the third.

I was wondering when you were going to post these; I saw them on your site. I really like how you’re tying different works together…


p.s. Your digital photography is also pretty cool:cool:

I like it very much - especially Overzealot
It is hard to believe that all of this works are made in blender… really.

Amazing. You just know how to work with colors and shapes and that’s what makes your work outstanding. I like all three of them, although the first one is a little monotonous compared to the others. The modeling is excellent, though, in all three of them.

I like all three of them good job, these really should go in an art museum, they’re all very good. The third one is very nice eyecandy.

mr_bomb: Thank you very much! I added some wires in the top post as an attachment.

kernond: haha, thanks!

aws357: Thanks so much! Yes, I really enjoyed detailing these and giving lots for people to look at and consider :slight_smile:

StompinTom: Thanks for the great and extended feedback, StompinTom! I really appreciate it.

Meta-Androcto: Thank you very much, Meta-Androcto. The third one was one of the most fulfilling images to complete in this series so far because I’ve been meaning to create it for some time.

blenditall: Haha, thanks so much, blenditall! I wound up returning to “Unlearning” one final time between posting it at my website and then here to finish it. The project literally doubled because there are two slightly different versions of the scene that are shown at once here, partly to depict new/old thoughts/a change of mind. It’s a subtle effect, not too clear on some monitors I see, but it helped add that extra “something” to bring it all to where it needed to be.

Waand: Thanks! Blender is so amazingly capable, a true artist’s tool in so many ways. So much of its potential is untapped. Thinking in new ways, not just about 3D but about methods, conventions, and expressive styles can help unlock much of that potential I think.

Myke: Thank you very much, Myke. I deeply appreciate what you’ve said. It’s really exciting to be able to explore all these ideas in Blender and have a program that’s not really a program but an enabling and empowering metabrush that can paint anything we can imagine.

Cyborg Dragon: Thank you for the kind words, Cyborg Dragon. I really hope these images can speak to people. The main purpose of this “Reflections” series (which I had intended to be an e-book but am now just focusing on as an ongoing project with periodic images published online) is to try to delve into the heart/mind/soul of what it is to be human, what it is that drives people forward or holds them back, what it is that makes people who they are or what they are not. The illusions vs. reality theme dominant in my earlier works seems to be finding new levels of meaning and symbolism here, so I’m grateful to have the opportunity to create and share these kinds of potentially purposeful images with others. Just to do that alone I often find rewarding and inspiring for future works. They’re each a challenge, these pieces, to create something interesting and meaningful while keeping each one distinct, fresh, individual yet united, and I think those are some good kinds of challenges that can make us better artists and persons in attempting to explore and express meanings like that :slight_smile:


A fourth image has been added in the top post.


I love the yawning gap/hole in the belly of Dyscontent; that insatiable hunger for “more”; lighting really brings it out.

Thats one of my definitions of being an artist. Creating challenging pieces that speaks to you when you look at it and allow you to associate yourselve and current circumstances to the meaning of it, but yet it gives a destinct messages. Hard to explain what I mean, but this is excellent work Robert. Keep it up!

Excellent, another 49 and you will have a complete pack of cards.

5 stars.

awesome, I like to see people actually making art and not just simulations of objects or places. My favorites are overzealot and unlearning to learn. My one crit is that a lot of your pieces over-rely on unbroken or very dominant symmetry. This makes for a very static composition which undermines the conflict and turmoil behind some of your motives and concepts. Even in your symmetrical pieces though, you have a great look!

Reminds me 20-30’s art deco (which is by no means a bad thing, it’s just a similarity of mood and motifs used). Personally I do not feel any need for titles for all of this compositions- maybe because of fact that they are so ornamental. I enjoy them for what I see- nice, almost abstract compositions that stand for themselves and do not really need additional baggage of meanings (although I can very easily imagine critics chewing on hidden sense and philosophical depths of message).

This is some truly excellent work! I just saw the wires of this art and I think it’s incredible that you can manage all of those (might just be because I’m a novice as far as 3d art goes) But I really enjoy these peices and hope to see more of your work soon.
P.S. I hope to see this in the forum gallery soon as well.

This is truly masterpiece…gallery quality…

I love your ability to craft the geometric aspects in your artwork to convey an inspirational value… stunning jobs!