10 sec intro for a smal film festival

Final draft 1


Flash version:
(This is the quality of the final flash version)

Good quality: 800x600 9.4MB
(This is the quality that will be used in the video mixer and is not representative of what will be on the web)

Is it good enough? Is it pro level?

I am making a 10 second introduction for use in the webcast for a film festival that my friends are organizing. I want to make it a part of my portfolio so it needs to be professional quality.

This clip will be used before all the videos that will be filmed during the festival (interviews, news flashes etc)

Low details and bandwith challenge:
The broadcast will be done in quiqtime or windows media and all the clips will be uploaded in flash.
The banwith is low (200 or 400kbit) This means that the more moving details I add the more distorted the picture will be. That is why the background is so “boring”.


The statue:
The statue was modeled after the original film festival award statues that is made in brass by a local artist. I used a model imported from the Makehuman program as the base for the figure.
Music: I did not make the music.
Logo: I did not make the logo design. I only modeled it in 3D.
Time spent: I keep a time chart and so far I have spent about 22 hours on this project. (Is this fast enough for a pro?)
The festival: Here is the link to the film festival http://www.wt-festivalen.no/ Here you can see the original logo.

My question:
Is this good enough? What could be improved? It needs to be professional level if I am going to make it a part of my portfolio.

Wow nice job! It looks professional enough for me. I could mistake it for a pixar intro :D. I don’t think that anything needs to be changed. But other people might though. So in that case just don’t listen to me, lol.

it does look very profesional, yeah - there are a few things I’d do differently - but as I don’t have the skills to make the statue in the first place…

The colours are a little washed out. This is probably either deliberate or not your fault - matching the colours of the other design work of the fest. edit - having looked at the website their logo is lightly higher contrast than yours and 100% monochrome: you can easily do this either post pro or with nodes.

If the statue is in full 3D it seems a shame not to rotate it a little. you don’t want it spinning all over the place, sure, but a suptle rotation as the camera pans past, as if the statue is placed on a slow turntable would be nice. time it so we still see the face pointing striaght at us maybe?

I don’t think you need a fancy background - it makes the logo look cool and not too complex.

For flash imbedding you need to convert to flv files - if you want to keep this open source / creative commons you can use FFFront (PC only), or something else FFMpeg based to convert to FLV, and the imbed in flash using the JW FLV Player - creative commons licenced - asking 15 euros per website for commersial use.

I would change the eyes of the statue a bit. They seemed a bit unnatural. Maybe it’s just me.

Thank you. The program I used for the statues Makehuman, is open source and can be found at http://www.dedalo-3d.com/ It took about 2 hours of tweaking to get it right.

I totally agree that the colors are washed out and It is one of the things that I wanted to do something about… I have reduced the hue and saturation on the background to try to make the main elements more prominent. I have also changed some of the alpha’s too. I don’t want to do anything about the logo. I spoke to the artist responsible and he sayd I could to what ever I wanted with it :slight_smile:

This was one of the other things I had been thinking about. Originally the small statue spined in the background but it got a little messy so a designer friend of mine told me to remove it. I did a test render last night with rotation in the big statue. Here it is:

Hope you like it.

Nlive.no are sponsoring the festival with streaming and flash technology :slight_smile: I get everything I need from them.

Here is a snapshot of my composition node setup for thous who are curious to see how the composition is done. http://www.nlive.no/gjo/snapshot18.png

This is one of the things I wanted to change too but I will probably not take the time. :frowning:

LOVE the new version! Yeah - It’s time I had another look at Make Human. My only quibble, and this may just not matter, is that the blue glow is in a colour-space all of it’s own, not repeated anywhere else in the intro.

very good but the hand dosn’t look like its holding the film try more shadow from the hand ont the film