10 Second Club Entry August 2005

Hello All,

I have been working on my 1st 10 second club entry - testing the speed of the new armature code. Very Nice improvement indeed. This was done with the bf-blender 080205 testing bulild.

Link to page with description and mpeg


lol that made me laugh voices are funny lol

only crits are: the hair looks like a wood texture

I’ve been loving the improvments myself.

The motion of the characters are great,just the facial expressions look to much alike compaired to the voices.

Good test.

Impressive test.

Is that dialog from the movie Raising Arizona? It sounds familiar…

The animation looks good, I like the hand movements. One crit, the characters look like kids and the voices are adult, but I know that the primary emphasis for the 10 second club is on animation, and I think you’ve captured the gestures for the conversation nicely.

Good Job!