100,000 particle light stream

This is a quick project I did last night to put together a background for a song presentation. The light stream has 100,000 particles, 3 turbulence forces and 3 vortex forces. The debris field has 500 particles, 1 turbulence force and 1 vortex force.

That looks really nice. Is the debris field halos? If not how do you get the nice depth of field effect?

try using some motion blur.

here is a 2 page tut on how to set it up.(page 2 shows the motion blur stuff)

For the debris field I used a group of UVspheres of 4 different sizes. Then in the particle settings under render I chose group.
3 of the spheres shared the same texture (white with low specularity) while on the 4th texture I set the emit value somewhere around 1.25. I then placed an empty in the center of the debris field and on the camera setting enabled it as the DOF. Then I just animated the empty(DOF) moving it closer and further from the camera. The light stream also used UVsphere (Particles/render/object) with an emit value set to 2.000. The rest of the magic happened in compositing.

holyenigma74: thanks for the advice. I will play around with adding motion blur.

Thanks for the feedback.

Add some light streaks and it would look like the Life Stream From FF7.

Plz make a tutorial and send me the link please <3

Do you know a software called After Effects for making abstract moving backgrounds? You don’t need it! :slight_smile:

Nice work!

Thanks for the comments all.