$100 Bill

This is my first finished project in blender. Started out as a experiment, just trying out displacement, and decided to try money. What do you think?

Made in blender 2.69 and rendered in cycles.

Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9J2KE-JjxA

Very good. You can actually see what appears to be the grain of the paper! And thank you kindly for the tutorial :slight_smile:

Tried to get this to look as real as possible, grain really did add so much for the final result.

good idea to share your work along with a tutorial. Good documentation is essential to opensource spread

Thank you:) I totally agree, if it wasn’t for others sharing their knowledge I would have never started learning blender.

Excellent Tutorial!!!

I’m still relatively new to Blender, but your tutorial made it look pretty easy.

Good job … and especially good for your first tutorial!!

Thank you, really means a lot.

Good job taking a really simple object but still putting so much detail into it!

Thank you ItalianJoy, appreciate it!