100% CPU Usage after rendering frame and Blender doesn't render next frame

First off, this is my first post so it may be in the wrong place :slight_smile:

I have been trying to render my first (higher quality render, with proper lighting, etc.) as I am new to blender, simple cloth falling on block animation.
-Rendering in Cycles with CUDA rendering
-500 Samples
-Rendering as PNG’s
-Full cloth quality settings (not sure if this will affect it?)

My issue:
Once it has finished rendering a frame of the animation, CPU usage at around 25% while rendering as I am using CUDA rendering with cycles, CPU usage jumps to 100% for some reason and it will not start rendering the next frame, I’m trying to stop and start the render but I get another frame each time I do this. Does anyone know what would be causing blender to kick CPU usage to 100% and not start the next frame? I know it finishes the fame as I can see the image in the folder.

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this as I am really new to this all, Thank you for any help you can give! And happy to give anymore info if needed! Thank you!

Hmm could be several things.
Perhaps your physics emulation isnt backed, and pretty complex so blender first needs to render to a solution.

You say you use Cuda rendering, but Cuda is for GPU based rendering, what are your render settings, your sure you enabled GPU ??
You could attach your blend file so people can check for setting faults.

It might also be that your mesh got a super fine mesh, and as a result became a huge file to large for your GPU, causing the opengl driver to fail in blender,(for seom reason blender cannt correct itself when driver connection is lost or so) and hence blender wont be able to render anymore frams.

Well add your blend file so people can check it.

Yeah, I have made sure that GPU and CUDA rendering is turned on in the User settings, hmm okay, thank you! I can’t seem to upload my blender file? It gets to 100% then says waiting for blenderartists.org and then noting happens? tried multiple times!

i tend to use dropbox, or something like that, i guess here they dont have unlimited space here
send me a msg as a notifiy so i can look to it then.

Hi, you need 10 posts to set up free upload here.
You can http://www.pasteall.org/blend/ too.

Cheers, mib