£100 Importer .blend Script for SMFX, SAF, and Texture files

Hello all.

I am looking for a .blend python script to be created that will allow me to import SMFX, SAD, and Texture files into Blender. (I.e, an Importer).

Here is an example of an old Importer working, that unfortunately is no longer available.



The files types are, SMFX, SAD, and Texture

I am willing to pay £100 or more, depending on the work.

The version of Blender that you will need to create the code for is Blender 2.49

However, having said that, I am not too sure if that matters considering it is only the version of Blender that the script is made for, so that might not even be an issue.

I am a 3D modeler, but I am trying to import some files to use as a reference point for a project that I intend to start up soo, so that is why I need this completed fairly quickly.

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many Thanks


i can help.
please check pm.