100% royalties to all new sellers

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Already have an account on CGTrader? If not, what is the reason for that? We know some of the most common misbeliefs, but would be really love to hear what you think.
We know that sometimes the very beginning of a designer career can be difficult, so we want to help new designers start it in an easier way:
CGTrader is offering 100% royalties to all new sellers for the first 3 months: https://www.cgtrader.com/pages/sell-3d-models?campaign=join_before_jan31

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What are the model requirements? Anything special that we’d need to do to get a model prepared for sale?

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That and how much do we get after the first 3 months?

Is starting to sell as complicated as it is on turbosquid? The process there is pretty complicated, at least if you don´t live in the US because of a bunch of tax forms written in English legalese. At least that was the case the last time I checked there.


so for every 100 bucks you lose 20-30 of them. for selling a model trough an ‘market’ site is way way to expensive.

And what is the reason to grab such an huge amount? can’t find any information on the site about it.

You can’t tell me to store it all and data usage because that’s not going to work. for like 12 bucks you get hosting with unlimited data, advertising? wont ever cost that much to ask 30% all the of the sales.

Yes, a lot. The more you spend on CGTrader, the higher the percentage of your every order that comes back to you as CGTrader Credits. The total amount you spend on CGTrader accumulates with every purchase. Your Credit Earn Rate is based on your lifetime spending on CGTrader and goes up to 30%. You can view your progress towards next loyalty level at any time in your

So Now we need to spend everything we have to make more money instead of trying to sell our models?
just hmm…

20 to 30 percent seems to be the normal rate for markets. I think it is the same on Turbosquid, Steam, Unreal Store, Unity Store, Apple Store and so on.

It is quite a lot but on the other hand you get something in return like a place to display your stuff, as opposed to your own homepage where probably nobody will ever look, marketing, the technical part and the financial part. Without a platform like this it is difficult to ensure that the buyer and the seller have some sort of security esspecially with internationally traded things.

It´s the same when working freelance. You often don´t work for the end customer but for some middle man like an advertisment agency who then sells the final product to the end customer. Of course the agency will get more money for your work from the end customer than you will recieve from the agency.
And that´s ok as they do things like finding the end customer in first place, bring the team together, organize the project and also provide security for the end customer (if the freelancer decides to not deliver they find a new one) and the freelancer (if the end customer decides not to pay the agency is still responisble for paying the freelancer).

Of course I don´t know if this particular market is worth 20 - 30 percent but the rates are nothing unusual.

Like so many things – " if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Any legitimate business service is going to tell you right up front how they intend to make money, and that they do intend to make it. They’re going to make it based on some promotional or placement activity which they undertake to do on your behalf, and your incentive to sign-up with them is that they would be able to do this when you can’t because you don’t have the industry connections that they do. If you can’t see these aspects very clearly in their come-on pitch to you, you’re likely wasting your time.