100% sculpted nose

I used only sculpt tool when making this. I think it’s pretty cool! That was my first time I used it. There is only plane with multires and then I started sculpt.

Oh, and this was my first time I was using Uv-mapping, so it is very crappy and not so good resolution.
But, here it is:

hey that is pretty good,way better than what i can do

Sculptmode is indeed powerful, good work on the modeling, skin is too shiny and could use fake SSS though.

What does SSS stand for!
good model

Is that your nose lol :):slight_smile: (sorry can’t help myself)
what multi-res level is the image using?
sss - make skin look translucense

No, it’s not my nose :smiley: I have tried using fake SSS but I can’t get so powerful results than… Who did that tutorial?

And Could someone now tell me How to use REAL SSS? Is it ssome kind of script or something?

Cyborg Dragon: There is reason why nose is shiny. He put it in to oil for some weird reason. >No, I didn’t touch to those shader-settings or something. But I can fix it out!

Subsurface scattering isn’t available in Blender.

There’s only the fake method and the sss in Yafray or Indigo (see those forums and manuals for more on how to use it).