1000 Bottles of beer on the wall

1000 bottles of beer on the wall.
1000 bottles of beer.
Take one down and pass it around.
999 bottles of beer on the wall.

throws grenade


Rules made this forum so boring people even come up with boring games just to amuse themselves. No wonder I dont post here much lately.

I’ll take soda…thank you.

998 beers on the wall, except that I got greedy and probably had more than one. Now I have to count them all over again. Who came up with storing beers on the wall anyway? Probably some math teacher, what an asshat! I’ll probably have a few more before I am done counting. I’ll just throw the bottle caps into the corner. I’ll count them in the morning and see how many are left on the wall.
Cheers, pix

And Mountain Dew, make that diet. (the diet soda these days aren’t near as disgusting as some try to make them out to be, some of them taste a little different, but is still pretty good)

Oh no, no, no. Do not drink diet sodas. They are full of toxic chemicals. Aspartame is ant killer and that is what is was made for. It is not good for you to consume. I wiped out a whole colony of ants with just one packet of Nutra-Sweat. If you want or need caffeine, drink espresso. It works much better it and won’t kill you in the long run. Regular sugar works as well.


It also contains rat poison, cyanide, and radon.

This is Great wall of Beer