100k euro parties?!?!?!?

(dumknuts) #1

Is it me or is that all i see the blender people doing is either traveling or throwing parties?? Glad that was only 100k+ euros and not alot like 1million Euros they got their hands on

(theeth) #2

uhm… I don’t think that’s even worth replying, but I don’t want you to think that we’re ignoring you either…


(Alltaken) #3

i think its just you!!

if i had 5 million dollars i’d give them 1 or 2.
good work all you blender guys.
i hope you do get to travel and party as you probably need a bit of a party right now.

(acasto) #4

Your username explains it all

(rwv01) #5

Before just making a statment like that off the top of your head you should do some research.