100sec Animated Video Explainer

Hi all,

I’m lucky enough to have taken on too many projects and so I’d like to provide a paid opportunity for a professional in the Blender community.

I have a 100 second voiceover which needs dynamic, animated visuals created for it. It is for an estate agency here in the UK and it is a fairly simple concept. It needs 2D visuals created for it.

Deadline: Tuesday 5pm GMT (soon, I know)

Budget: £120

I would like it created in a single project file, provided in 1080p, and the end project file to make any changes if necessary. This is the reason I haven’t gone to an Aftereffects professional as I would not be able to edit the files on completion.

See here for an example (get as close to this as possible, without copying it directly) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUZjoiVEluE

This needs to be a professional, sophisticated end-product with a tight deadline so please message me with examples of your work and we’ll work the rest out from there.

Best wishes,


Hey, sorry to reply as an amateur, I think the job sounds interesting. I am a film student and an Blender hobbyist. I would love to have your voice clip and do what I can with it and see what you think. I still think you should get a professional to do it. But hey, If you like what you get, maybe you can come to me next time.

[email protected]