1024x1024 Textursize - min Graphics Requirements

For an Project, i need to use a 1024x1024 Texture. But this Project already has 19! 512x512 Textures. I know this is really huge, but there is no Way to make it lower. It works for me, but i dont know of others. How do i calculate the min. Graphics requirements to run it.
Thanks, Doc

If You don’t know what’s the max Texture of Your Card, go here and get GLinfo. This Windows EXE will show You all. :slight_smile:

the geforce 2 should be able to handle 1024x1024 textures, but it wouldn’t surprize me if it can be configured somewhere to a lower max.

Hi Doc,

If it works with your config, just say it’s the minimum config :smiley:
I’ve downloaded GLinfo, it tells me max texture size = 2048x2048
(ATI radeon x300/x500 series)

Thanx Men. I’ve searched the Web the whole Day, and it seems that 2048x2048 is the lowest Max of current used GCards this Days. Even some TNT2 Cards can handle bigger Textures.
Good to know. :smiley: