1050 Ti or 3 gig 1060?

Before someone recommends a Titan V instead, I am a student from east Europe, so I can’t get the 1060 6gb or a RX 570, even a price difference of just 30 dollars is like 300 dollars for me (the salaries here are literally 10 times smaller than american ones), and I can only get the Rx 470/480 and Gtx 9xx’s via used gpu ads, but they don’t offer monthly payments, plus you always risk, so in the end It’s going to be either the 1050 Ti 4gb or 1060 3gb.

The 1060 3gb is much faster, but the lower VRAM is making me question whether it’s worth it or not. I am going to play on 1080p and use ultra settings for textures (msaa can be off), the 1050 Ti can handle mostly ultra settings (except msaa&grass) for Gta V for example and run at +50-60fps, so a 1060 chip should do more than great in comparison, but I’m not sure if the VRAM could handle it, even on just 1080p.

Especially in the long run for about 4 to 5 years, so what is a better option, somewhat slower 1050 Ti, but with enough VRAM or faster 1060, but with 3gb of VRAM?

As for rendering in Blender&video editing programs, I suppose that the 1060 would be a better choice.

Firstly, how much to you actually have to spend. And secondly, have you looked at ebay for lower priced used cards?

3GB is very little amount these days. Even 4GB can be problematic. If you do not have enough money for the GTX 1060 6GB, then you go for the GTX 1050 Ti.
By the way, I’m not aware of the new nvidia series so I can not comment on it.

@cet77 , @YAFU

This is a thread I made in september, why would you reply to a thread that old? Anyway I bought a RX 470 in the mean time

First, because I really did not notice the date. I just saw that it had gone up in “Latest” in forum and I reply. Besides, there was no clarification that you no longer needed recommendations (question remained open).
Second, this is not a personalized technical support forum, it is an open forum for anyone who may have the same concern as the user who opened the thread. So if the answers that users give are not useful to you, it can still be useful for others.
Third, you can now mark the thread as “Solved” so users do not waste time responding to something that has already been resolved.

Anyway, good to know that you have already been able to acquire a suitable GPU for you.

Haah… Yeah, I also didn’t notice the date. xD