109th Skull head mothership, beginning texturing!

(Ecks) #1

Here is another update of the mothership I am making. I begin to put some texture on it. I had difficulty to put the texture on the front part, don’t know why but the texture is all stretch…If you have any idea why it do that plz tell me! :wink:


Just tell me if you want another view! Tell me what you think of it too! :smiley: :smiley:

(BgDM) #2

Ddi you UV map that, or just apply as a regular image texture? If you just applied it as a regular texture, it will stretch on you. You will need to play with the X&Y scale to get it to fit properly, or apply the texture to an empty to make it easier.

If you UV map it, it should fit just fine.

Also, what is the image size of the texture? Try using 1024x1024 resolution, or higher, for your image textures, if you can.

Keep it up. It looks good.


(Ecks) #3

No I didn’t uv map them…I just applied them because I am not very familiar with uv mapping. I read some tut but I have some difficulty :-? .

Because I am too lazy…I don’t learn photoshop so I don’t make my texture. The only texture I have are from the game freespace2 so they are like 200x200 pixel…

Thanks for your comment!

(Alltaken) #4

uv mapping is actualy rather easy.

ive never really used it myself because the shadows come out all wrong but its easy to learn.

i’d personaly keep doing it the way your doing it.

but make my own textures or find some more apropriate ones off the net.
if you download a blend model that has textures you like you can then unpack it and theif their textures.

or alternativly you can do all textures out of polygons rather than materials themself.

all of my textures were pure polygones on the space ship i did. i changed colours of things but never added a texture. actualy most of it is the default grey.

uv texturing is mainly used for games but can help in animations or stills.

keep it going