10m x 2m Architecture Practice

Maybe I’m just not meant for making characters. Does that mean I may be better in other stuff? I dunno. I decided to start this architecture practice to see If I’m any good.

I’m gonna practice several more pieces in time of single month, to see how far I can push, if given my schedule is not brimmed with all sort of stuff.

This is my first attempt, 10x2 meter and 5m in height.
The figure that I placed is around 170cm. She is there for referencing.

Any criticism focusing on the design/architectural side of things are all appreciated

Did you design the space? It’s pretty good!

I like the renders as well. Good color palette.

I’ve been doing architectural renders for years and rarely get to do “high concept” stuff.

Thanks, I tried to be original on spacing, although I have to admit, it looks like I copied from Mr. Dadao :smiley:

I’m trying to learn how I can make the most space efficent design :smiley:

I’ve found it kind of difficult to design spaces in Blender alone. I would say sketch out some designs with pencil and paper, or even one of those consumer home design programs to come up with the space planning and general shape, and then use Blender to finish it the way that you like.

I do like the look of your space, though. Very nice.

Thanks. You mean like programs like Sketchup or CAD? I have a program called Catia v5 but I never heard people using it for architecture. I did try Sketchup several times, and I feel like it’s a nice tool for sketches but not really anything above that…

Drawing on a piece of paper seems to work the best in my opinion :slight_smile: I should get some rulers while I’m at it… Say, what’s the most important thing when designing a space? I heard people talking over a certain concept villa I saw and how it got the fundamentals all wrong. Being a noob in this field, I saw nothing wrong?

A side cut from the right side. I added a large window on its side that can double as a nice reading spot.

A shot from the Front

A shot from the top, looking down below from the second floor. This place is going to be used as a bedroom, or a private space.

Holy shit the image is distorted and I don’t know why that happened lol

This is actually a closet :smiley:

It opens up vertically!