10secondclub entry

Heres something I’ve been working on for the 10secondclub. Its the first bit of charcter animation I’ve done with Blender; I learned a lot in the process. I welcome all crits, although I may not have time to implement them before the deadline.

Its a Xvid AVI, please let me know if anyone has trouble viewing it.


My Quicktime Player (6.5.1) on Windows XP can’t display the video stream :(.

Thanks. I have to reencode.

OK, I reencoded it as Xvid AVI.

Please let me know if anyone has trouble watching it.

EDIT: For some reason, in Safari, sometimes the audio will play in the browser and sometime it won’t. %| If you’re on a Mac and the audio doesn’t work, I guess try refreshing the page.

Hehe, works now :D. Good animation, zbgump!

Their hands get slightly into the table and through the chair - but I don’t mind, Dude ;).

The movement is too spiderlike. It’s all very quick and stiff allowing no time to see the subtleties in the flesh.

hey I’m doing that 10secondclub too!
I agree, motions are happening too fast, you don’t hold enough on the poses for them to register, for instance, he first has one arm up, like he’s scratching his chin or thinking, then suddenly both arms are out, and before it even registers, they’re down. also the movements don’t seem curvy enough, like all the keyframes are at the same time (successive breaking isn’t happening) but this just could be the speed.
another thing, is you have characters moving a lot while listening, this is distracting from the character who is talking. Try to have the animation more subtle on the non primary character.
keep on going! mine looks much worse .

Thanks for the tips, I’m going to try and work on these suggestions before the deadline.

Question for slikdigit:

Does this mean I should try to offest the rotations of shoulder,elbow, and wrist? Are the arm movements looking stiff?


It’s more like you need to just spread the keys over a larger frameset. I’m not familiar with this contest, but if the time limit is 10 seconds you may consider removing some actions to allow more space for others to properly take place.

I did another pass; I appreciate any input.

I tried to slow it down a bit and trim out some actions.

Again, for some reason I the audio doesn’t work for me when I watch it in my browser.

better? worse?


Another Pass

Mainly just tweaking things that bothered me in the lasy pass, trying to take care of all the piercing issues,

…it’s getting better and better.

I think the yellow guy (ahem, the one on the right) has too much facial expression.


Not too bad, considering its your first character animation. But to be honest i find most of their movements to be kind of spastic.

I would suggest acting out the sceens for both characters, for both body and facial movements. I know it can be embarasing to act things out, especially if someone from your family or a friend sees you. We’ve acted out alot of animation right downtown hastings street in vancouver, tho down there odd behaviour does kind of fit in… hehe :slight_smile:

Keep it up, polish your acting skills (vital to an animator), and keep entering contests like 10 sec club, great practice!!! :slight_smile:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

zbgump, yes, I do mean that you can offest keys on a movement to give a more natural feel to the motion, give the limb a bit of flexibiltiy or wiggle, as opposed to all the joints hitting keys at the same time.
But another contributor is that you have lots of big action occuring over a very short time- I suspect that even if you do/already have offset keys, it’ll be hard to detect in the flurry of motion.
keep on going!