10x aerial photos of clouds giveaway

Hey guys,
wanna share with you some aerial photos of clouds.
Grab it as long as it´s hot :rage: :cold_face:


Did a small vid about it:


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Resolution is 2Kx3K, incase anybody is wondering.

Dude how are those 2k x 3k?

Do they wrap around the entire earth?

Dude, lol, what do you mean? in kilometers/miles , :smile:.
Maybe if the earth is flat, it would take that range…:upside_down_face:
The resolution is exactly 2250px x 3000px.

Dudes… “K” after a number means thousand. Or have I been wrong all this time.
Maybe it wraps around the Earth you’re on. :stuck_out_tongue: (*jooooking, calm down)

I meant how is the resolution 2k-3k

When I use 8k cloud textures I don’t get that kind of detail. Does the texture unwrap completely around an earth? Or is it only for the section the camera sees?

Oh no, not here as well. C’mon, we all know we live on a Klein bottle! :smiley:

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Well, thanks, that could mean your 8k texture is blurry.
You can do, what you want with the photos.
Use them as background image, texture, make new cloud images…
If you want to make planets for example, you have to make them seamless at least. Otherwise you could use it as a texture and hide the seam by rotating it to the back e.g.

Sorry about that, the Klein bottle indeed makes much more sense .)

So they don’t wrap around the earth in one go? Or do they repeat