11 second club Animation - Aug 2013

Hi ,
This is an animation done in blender using the flex rig from blender cookie https://cgcookie.com/blender/resource/cg-cookie-flex-rig-free-download/

C&C welcome :slight_smile: .

Artist : Laxmikanth Sherigar
Studio : Blue Pixels Animations Studios - India, Mangalore

nice love it

Excellent work.

Very smooth! I need to work on my animation skills.

I like it specially the expression at 8 sec. Well done :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,
Thank you @shrinidhi666 for sharing this , and thanx a lot for all encouraging comments… :slight_smile:

Agreed, his final expression at the 8 second mark is great. This is top notch work.

I am glad you liked it…Thank you

Definitely a powerful and well-executed scene. You’ve done some very nice cinematography here, using foreshadowing to lead-in to the transition between the two over-the-shoulder shots. The sequence of expressions on the two people’s faces is exceptionally nice. You really get a feel for the emotional conflict that the woman is feeling as she delivers her line. This is fine acting.​

To my way of thinking, “everything is in the eyes.” That’s what makes-or-breaks a close-up. And, you’ve nailed it here.

Thank you… it’s my pleasure…

Really nice work. Sorry I missed it when you first posted.
How did you do?

Yes the flex-rig is awesome
I also like the expression you animated very good job well done.

the emotion of the segment is is very good and the voice over for the woman is spot on nice work

FYI, looking at it again, body movements, i.e. “pure acting,” are really what sell both of the two parts of this shot. The male actor uses and involves his entire body in a totally-convincing way. The female actor, in delivering the “response” to the male-actor’s “call,” uses almost none. Her response is almost entirely in her eyes, and in the “very, very small amount of space” that she occupies.

"Acting and staging are always first. The physical/virtual expression of the same, always second."​

Hi to all…,
I like the way that sundialsvc4 observing and explaining the basic and essential parts of this shot… It’s even helping me a lot as well as others i hope… Thank you. And yes, the Flex Rig is really awesome, thanks to CG cookie, Nathan Vegdahl, Beorn Leonard, and Jonathan Williamson for this…

Glad to see some good work being done with it.