11 Second Club

I searched before posting and found no mention of this, so here ya go:


From their FAQ: “The 10 Second Club was a huge part of the animation community for many years before its demise in the Fall of 2006, due to increased spam and hackers. The 11 Second Club is designed to replace the original 10 Second Club. We’ve kept all of the structure and rules of the original club, but added extra security features to ensure that this site will be around for quite a while. We’ve also taken steps to make the voting process more fair and easier to use.”


Awesome! Thanks for posting.

oooh oooh oooh, this is so nice. Thank You!

I’m suprised the 10second club never came back, and just gave up. or is this from the same guys?

That’s great news.

There was talk of the 10second club coming back through a different site run by different people before. I think that these are those guys. So they probably started it with a bit of help from the old geezers.

I’ve always wanted to enter one of these but never did… this might be a good time to do so :wink:

Great news, thanks for the link! I never had a chance to enter (I was too new to Blender when it was still running), and once I was experienced enough, they closed down!

This looks great! Thanks for the link. I’ll have to do one of these in the near future!


why would they need a new site? couldn’t they resurrect the old site?

Alltaken, my guess is this is not exactly the same crew :wink:

Blender participation looks a little sparse… any folks here interested in working together on things for this club?

Post your interest here… we’ll see what we can get together.

I’m new… but like having children, if you don’t know what you are in for, then you don’t have the fear of stepping up to the challenge…


i cannot play the animations:(

I cannot hear the sound from the animations, because its an unknown Videoformat on Ubuntulinux :frowning: