11 seconds club Entry

Hey people!

To improove my learning curve, I again took part in the 11secclub Animation contest.
This Month there was a beautiful audio with a womans voice that feels the need to go to the toilet. How ever, bevor you rip my entry apart, I want to point out those issues, that I allready found myself…

  • to long (much to long :slight_smile: _ Audio starts at 00:41)
  • to stiff
  • maybe to dark?
  • Issues with the womans hair (bounces throug the wall and the face…)
  • the body of the guy shows through his pullover

:slight_smile: Many points, now its your turn… What else I need to avoid or need to improove…don’t hold yourself back!

Thank you all in advance!


Cool! ))) How long did it take you to do this?

Pretty impressive.

Thanks for replying! :slight_smile:

@Adey thank you very much!!

@ RIPP thank you as well! Modelling/Texturing took 5 days, Animation 2 days (should put more time in there!), Lighting, nodes and camera work 5 days… just had it ready half an hour before time limit :smiley:

EDIT: what took the most was to find the proper settings for the womans hair… less for the look, but more for some good physics…

Creatively speaking this is excellent, it’s by far one of the better ideas I’ve seen for this clip. The scenario works very well, and I like the acting choices.

It is too long though, yes, and by quite a bit! My suggestion would have been to open with the undercover cop’s gun already drawn, and drop the whole pretext for the situation i.e. start from the dialogue around the 40 second mark. The idea is strong enough to carry from there without any explanation. Drop the filler, keep the killer.

There is also a rather complicated camera move right at the end (0:55 - 0:58) which I personally would have left out. I think this could have been staged in a much more direct way and still have had the same effect (e.g. Simply hide Cop #2 behind the wall, lead with his gun and hav him spring out from behind it).

Anyway, these points are always up for debate, as there are loads of ways to direct a short.

Technically, I would have said that this is too floaty rather than too stiff. The major problem is that the keys and breakdowns haven’t been properly developed, so there is no cushioning, drag or overlap, which means no texture or pacing. Again, personally speaking I would have ditched the physics, hair, lighting etc and just concentrated on the animation. 2 days isn’t much, so I would have spent that getting the blocking right, even if it meant not completing.

The handling of weight could also use some work. The walk at the beginning looks rather unnatural, as the hips and the body don’t seem to be working together.

My advice from here would be to go back and practice some basics, do a few bouncing ball exercises, walkcycles, lifting exercises etc. Think about weight distribution and balance, lines of action, arcs, and focus on establishing your keys and breakdowns. It’s also better to do a whole bunch of short (less than 10 sec) clips than struggle with a minute long monster.

Hope this helps, and keep it up.

thanks for replying Bender!! :slight_smile:

that’s the point. You got it right with the basics! I should dive into animation much more or even concentrate on it alone.
…how ever you had some good advice for me to improove the next submissions!

First of all I will invest more time in there in general. Unfortunately I got a big devotion to the visual appearing of things I do:(
Somehow I got to overcome that… to improve what needs to be improoved!

…Keys and Breakdowns…thats another story. My current appoach is kind of primitive. Because I didn’t knew it better I startet to pose while curves are allready turned on. With other words I overstepped the actual blocking stage and messed up my timing wich I had to fix later in the editing software, where I even adjust speed and timing of the animation.

This month I want to make a change in this case… How ever … learnig by doing :smiley:

Thanks Bender :slight_smile:

+1 to what Bender said about creativity in the shot though. Some good story ideas for sure. I’m not that far along the animation path, but certainly what has been said about fundamentals I know is true, and I need to do more of that too. Keep it up cos I like what you’re up to!

@Hammers Thank you very much!

There was something off about his glasses. But to fix the skin showing through the shirt, use a mask modifier.

thanks XeroShadow! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you know I made it to 178 of 189 entries. :slight_smile:
This was more than deserved.
Let’s be honest!

This Animation looks like sh** :slight_smile:

Learned my lesson this time!

once again: Thanks for all that votet this month!

I’ll keep it up, and be exited what this Month will bring :slight_smile:

Aye it can be humbling over there. Rewarding though :wink: I think I came last, the first time I entered… So now I’m always happy if I don’t come last!

yeah, it only can get better :slight_smile:

Did you ever shorten it to 11 seconds?

Keep the entries to 11 seconds. Forget about physics, cloth sims that stuff is just fluff. I don’t advise on using your own rigs, just wastes time that you could be spending on your animation, and it gives you a disadvantage from the start.

@ daren no I didn’t… once it’s done, it’s done… :slight_smile:

@3dementia Thanks for commenting! I’m aware that the own rig and the physics stuff is taking time away from the main thing - the animation.
I normally didn’t want to mention this, but:
The reason I mess with that all is, that I got a big projekt (bachelor thesis) I’m aiming at. I’m not so deep into 3d and only 1 got year time left to learn it all. All the stuff I’m putting in there (hair, rigs, materials, lighting) are nothing else than tests for things that will shurely appear in my short film.
The animation it self will be main thing to do right. I give my self half year for a good result…
But for the club entries: I make my tests and the rest of the time is spent on animation… unfortunately there was not much time left :frowning:

Maybe not the best way to do it, but I learn alot!