11second club novembre entri

ok here is some anim test for my entry to the 11second club. That s my first animated project so i messed a lot of time with keyframing concept in blender. but once you got it blender is very good for animation. one of the mose usefull thing is the ability to modify the rig even if you are animating at the same time.
crits are welcome
this is a linear test

Love the char and animation! Bravo!

crits are welcome


That’s looking really great! Nice gestures, and poses. I think as the left hand runs down his face, there needs to be some variants in speed there, so have it travel slowly down his face and then drop to a hang at the current speed.

I entered in the the September competition, and really enjoyed, and will enter again some time. They mark tough there though, so you have to put lots of effort in to get a high score.

By the way, did you make that character? It’s really cool.

Look forward to seeing this complete.

i will try to redo the animation pose to day cause i start to get to a lot of key so i need to do some clean up.
I have done the character and rig for the competition. There is some great animator on 11 second club, so i do not expect to win. but it s the best way to see how to use blender in a little production like work.

Oh, this looks great!!

I would say that you must work a bit more on the lights setup, colors, … on the overall look. Please post some static frames too.


here is a new update. It s easier when you’ve done it already once.
crits crits crits

I love the belly slap :slight_smile:
The only thing i would like different is the angle of the camera- I would prefer to be closer as if I were really there on the same plane as the character - but that is a personal preference. Very nice animation !!!


I agree with craigomatic move in closer. This will also make the voice from the off more believable.

Great animation keep up the good work and good luck in the contest.

for the final rendering i plan to use the light as the second character.
like if god himself was talking to him "I made you short) wil then take more emphasis.
i will work on it tomorow so i will post an update as soon as possible.

In fact the fast rendering is not as close as the real rendering. that s why the character seems a bit far from the camera.
Dis someone know how to fix that?

as i leave for next 2 weeks i can t go further than that. i will polish a bit more tomorow and post the final shoot tomorow evening. hope you like it a bit and i will try to do the next one too until i get better.

Much better, I love it :slight_smile: Good job, I hope you score well!!!

here is my last post.
I don t know if i will get the time to work on it a bit more, cause i leave for few weeks

any how crits are welcome.
As i was working on blender it was quit challenging. Usually I work with maya. but my challenge was to do everything in blender and to try to get an acceptable result.
I have to say that there was few missing tools and some behavior that was a bit weird but these was often due to some bad habits.
There is some great tool. The ghost option would be perfect for me if there was an option to ghost only keyframed poses. the ability to change the rig or to add bones even when you re animating was one of the best feature for me…
Hope you like it.
i check how to post it officialy tomorow

It’s funny, but there are a couple of details that i think still could be changed. For one, i liked the hand motion of “short” better in your first post. Secondly, i think the fall in the end could be made more into a jump, him trying to get out of the light.
Then there’s also some twitching of the mouth just as he starts to speak. I don’t feel that the lip sync is quite up to par with the rest of the acting, but i can’t really point out why… it might seem a little slow and out of sync or something…

Finally, i don’t think he should turn his back as much to the “audience” as he does at “look at me”… it just doesn’t seem like good acting :wink: Try keep his feet (almost) in place instead and just turn his body.

And hey, try not to feel down just cause i bashed you a bit - If I hadn’t liked it and thought it had potential, i’d probably have watched it only once

cheers, score well!

That last video is great quite funny :slight_smile: