Hey there, I have just finished this model, and I’d like to hear your opinions :slight_smile:
Rendered with cycles, 4000 passes, and edited in the compositor

very very nice! I love the lighting of this scene! very well done!

Looks near perfect in my opinion. My only critique would be to put a texture on the table

That’s beautiful. Nicely done.

Steve S

It is nice but it looks to simple. try adding more object to the scene

I like the clock’s font. It makes the scene more serious. But you could add something else to it. The clock is just kind of lonely sitting there.

Wow, that is incredible, my friend! If there was anything that could improve, I would say add a faint texture to the shelf, as it looks rather like painted marble.

Wow, looks really nice.

Looks really good; either reposition the clock, alter the camera angle/view, or add something to the space.

It doesn’t, imo, need anything else if you change the angle and positioning. Google rule of thirds; it looks like you have deliberately left a space for something else.