12 Blender ArchViz Workflow Tips and Tricks


(CG Cookie) #1

If you’re creating a architectural visualization scene, these are the must-know tips to save you time and make the result look professional. (from CG Cookie Blog)

#1 Adding window holes to curved structures

Adding holes to curved structures without creases was an obstacle I faced for years. As you can see below, a subdiv modifier on a curved structure with loop cuts to sharpen the edges will result in a lot of pinching.

Full blog post --> http://bit.ly/2SffFeo

(Bart Veldhuizen) #2

(Filipe Lima Botelho) #3

Great stuff. That middle gray card thing may be a game changer for me. Never really had a consistent parameter to expose my scenes. Thank you.

(CG Cookie) #4

Sweet! Glad this was useful :+1: