12 hour render with Image Based Lighting, SSS, Indirect, Fuzzy Reflections ...

Nothing special really. Just sharing because it took 12 fricken hours to render ( with svn 27393). I was testing IBL using an HDR angular map, SSS on both the sphere and cube, and fuzzy reflections on the plane. Also, trasmittance on the sphere. Fully raytraced render. I did a little contrast and saturation enhancement in The GIMP, maybe a bit too much saturation enhancement on the sphere. :stuck_out_tongue:
I AM wondering about the render artifacts tho. Where did they come from? I was using 9 samples for the indirect lighting, and AA at 8.
Still, this is certainly my most photo-realistic render to date. :smiley:
machine specs: Athlon XP 1800+, 1Gb RAM, Radeon x700 ( i need a new machine!!!)

http://yfrog.com/1gcubeandspherej http://yfrog.com/1gcubeandspherej (sorry for large image, 1024x768; I don’t know how to post thumbnailed images)


wow, that’s a ridiculous render time. How many polygons are in that jelly-like object?

around 127,000 faces … I had indirect bounces set at 2 and raysamples set at 9 … mirror depth set at 3 and SSS set pretty heavy too, plus filtered transparency … I’m kinda surprised it took that long as well, I figured maybe 8 or 9 hours … maybe I should have ‘applied’ the sub-surf and displacement modifiers … hmmmmm … and compare the render time between trunk and the render branch, which I just grabbed a new copy of from graphicall …

looks great. Really tactile.

I could imagine myself taking a bite of that jelly object and it’ll taste like a Jolly-Rancher for some reason… you know, it looks like that it has that potent colorful hard candy flavor : ).

I bet it’s grapefruit flavour.

HDR angular map?How do you set this up?

ANYTHING but grapefruit (or watermelon) … I HATE grapefruit :stuck_out_tongue:
Setting up an angular map is easy. I just downloaded a standard HDR sky image, I forget from where, cause I forget which one I used … there’s lot’s of free ones out there … load it as in image, and set it as a sky texture, with the mapping set as angular. that’s it. Oh yeah, you have to set the image to horizon and/or zen-up and zen-down … I didn’t do any size or position adjustments on the map, so as you can see the sky is pixelated, but that is easily masked back out(using alpha channel) and replaced …