120mm Ground Mounted Mortar System

I am new here and wanted some feedback on my 120mm Mortar system. I’m still working on uvmapping the mortar so I can apply a good skin to it. And… yes I am having a lot of trouble with uvmaps.

  • DanBeasy

Hi Dan, welcome to the forum. You will have trouble with your seams and uv’s, until you start planning for them at the modeling stage. As you make something, ask yourself how it will be unwrapped. Hard surface models like this don’t have to deform, so the mesh rarely needs to even be connected, which makes unwrapping models like this a breeze. Keep it up, don’t worry this gets a lot easier in time.

I’m learning the islands and more of the UVmapping at the moment. Starting to understand a little more about editing the islands. Right now I want to get a rusted look to it for a Fallout3 Mod. But will make a realistic looking one as soon as I have the mapping down.

So I started messing around making a scene for the mortar, so I created a mortar pit

For believability:
The groundplate of a mortar goes all in the ground. The way you setup your mortar the plate will be pushed in the ground with the first round, and the second round will come down in front of you because it is too steep. And trust me you don´t want a 120mm round anywhere near 500m of you.

Thanks I was 11c