128GB of ram =O

So I was just looking into new computers, and saw that you can have upto 128gb of ram, which suprised me.

So does anyone have one these systems? :eek:

where did you see that?




is that a typo, or does that say 8TB?! O.O

Neat, but the truth is that most PC’s cannot use more than 16 gb currently (4x 4 GB sticks.)

I haven’t seen 8 gb sticks yet.

@ PhilBo I have seen 8gig sticks today, samsung make them. I dunno how much tho.

I was surprised at how long the capabilities for 128gigs of ram has been around…

It would be damn expensive tho, 8-16 seems more achievable.

Just wondering what the performance is like, at what point do you not have to worry about programs lagging.

Sorry, I didnt click your links.

tho 8tb is epic, I was suprised that you could run 128gb on an xp 64bit machine.

that sounds like a great combination. just cos I like xp.

dood …i dont think there is a PC that have enough slots for 8X8X8X8X8… gb’s of mem …

Thats an 128gb board. and the price isnt bad. not that I know much about computers…

That’s not really that bad to make a super system.

Why settle for 128 GB when you can have 256 GB?


filling one of these boards would cost a fortune. I think 32 gb would be a reasonable target tho.

I`m still curious to if anyones got one of these systems. 32/16?

i think when I do buy, I`ll be looking for, 32gb win xp 64, pci-e for the Geforce GTX 295M
and possible 2 quad core processors. as high as possible…

Id be very happy with a system like that.

I just priced out making four discrete Phenom II quad core systems that each has 16 gb of ram in their own cases with their own power supplies. You could create a diskless Node system like that and make a render farm for around $2,500. To create it as a single system using one of those boards, it’s cost close to $5,000.

erm …i think 12 GB of mem would be SUPER ENOUGH for ppl like us …i mean what would we use the rest for ?? …playing crysis while multiple rendering ??? (tho that would be cool )

Yeah…it’s overkill for us. I just graded to 8 gb…why…because I could!

You know… I’m still using just one GB of RAM.

I guess I’m not a power user… but I knew that.

Windows has limits on how much memory each process can use. Not sure what it is for Vista 64, having extra wouldn’t help Blender, only allow more apps to run at once.

My hard drive has about 20 gb … wonder what the HD will say if I put in 128 gb ram ?

holy crap! that’s carzy! if I won abunch of money I’d get that xD

lol …your HDD will be shy .