Blender 2.49b
Luxrender 0.8
Pscs2-unshurp mask


Wow!! there are still ppl using 2.49? 0_o lol nice work!

NICE! great mood

cool scene, needs more spp though!

I do like your work!
did you model the brown armchair yourself? it looks awesome, where did you get the txture?

I really like the way you light your scene, especially the first one.

Yes,all modeled by mtself. Textures from cgtextures.com

artiztz, very nice. The distortion on the rug confuses my eyes. Except for the foreground, near the cord, and on the far edge there is no visual cue as to just how the rug is wrinkled, yet the pattern suggest it is. A wire frame would be nice.

Good render especialy for 2.49! You need to get the newer version of blender.
Great work!

I can not get used to work in new Blender

I think they’re great renders!

But my mind couldn’t digest the wrinkles in the rug, so I downloaded it and zoomed in a bit. The realism falls apart when you see how many times books are copied to fill the shelves. Also I assume the books on the sill on the left were mirrored after they were mapped. The text is backwards.

nice scene, I like everything, good job …*****