13 free BGE fonts that you may use as you please

I love bitmap text. I also love generating BGE bitmap fonts with FTBlender. More than that, I love giving those bitmap fonts away. Here are thirteen different font .tga files for you to use.

The default Blender Font
Four versions of a free serif font that comes with Linux
Four versions of a free sans serif font that comes with Linux
Four versions of a free monospace font that comes with Linux
(The three that have four of each include standard, bold, oblique also called “italic”, and bold oblique also called “bold italic”)

http://www.blendenzo.com/Files/FreeFontPack.zip (295.6 kb zip file)

If you don’t know how to use these, I suggest you go here:
(When following this tutorial, please make sure that you name the property to hold your text “Text” with a capital “T”, not “text” with a lower-case “t”.)

According to the copyright regulations of the United States (as they are interpreted by the US Office of Patents and Copyrights), typefaces and “mere variations of typographic ornamentation” do not qualify for copyright.

These bitmap fonts were generated in the United States from .ttf files which I am licensed to use, and as such, they fall under United States copyright laws regarding typeface. These bitmap fonts do not inherit the GNU GPL, nor does use of them cause your game to inherit the GNU GPL as they are not copyrighted or patented and cannot be licensed. They are not “derivative works” as defined in the GPL v.2, but rather they are the “normal output” of the .ttf fonts.

Please be aware that your country may not respect the copyright laws of the United States and there may be copyright protections on typefaces in your country. You are solely responsible to determine the legality of using these fonts in your country.

I am not a lawyer. This is not legal advice. I assume no responsibility for your use of these fonts, nor do I offer any warranties or guarantees (to the fullest extent permissible by law).

Links of Interest Regarding US Copyright Law and Bitmap Fonts or Typefaces:

  • Copyright Office Basics: What Cannot Be Copyrighted? (This document is on a government website. Note especially these things that cannot be copyrighted: “familiar symbols or designs; mere variations of typographic ornamentation, lettering, or coloring;”)
  • Circular 32: Blank Forms and Other Works Not Protected by Copyright (This is an official publication of the US Office of Patents and Copyrights. Note especially the sentence: “The format, arrangement, or typography of a work is not protected.”)
  • Copyright FAQ Section 3.9 “Can fonts be copyrighted?” (This is not an official government document, but it contains a very useful interpretation of the legal issues involved.)Anyway, sorry for the legal junk, but I’ve been challenged on the issue in the past. I hope you enjoy these and find them useful. The monospace font is particularly useful because blender retains the spacing when it is displayed in-game (it is a true monospace BGE font, which there are not many of).


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Awsome! thanks alot :slight_smile:

nice work on the license agreements! I would have just stolen them and worried about the cops later LOL!!! Thanks sooooo much for the Text!:p:p:p

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

why do you do anything nice for us?

what did we ever do for you =(

Hmm… came with linux…
are these the open-source bitstream fonts? I remember they were open sourced for some linux platform or something…

EDIT: Just thinking cos I think I might have one of them used in my blender game… If that’s the case, well, the “legal junk” just “spoofed” my head badly, and as of such, I might have to remove it for the time being… (the game I mean)

blendenzo is just that kinda guy… always willing to help out his fellow blenderheads = )

You’ve done it again blend, nice work. :wink:

Sorry, let me explain the legal junk in (hopefully) plainer terms:

Bitmap fonts, like those used by the Blender Game Engine, cannot be copyrighted on the basis of their shape or look. If anything, I own the copyright to these .tga’s as images (not as typefaces), but if that is the case (and I doubt that it is, since there is nothing original or artistic about them as images) I give you full rights to use them. You may use them freely in commercial and non-commercial projects. You still maintain all copyright to your game.

The only requirement is that the person who generates the bitmap fonts (me in this case) must have a license to use the font program (the .ttf file), since those may be subject to copyright. I recommend having a license for both commercial and non-commercial use of the font. I have a license to use all of the fonts in this pack for commercial or non-commercial purposes, so I have the rights to generate bitmap fonts from them.

From there it doesn’t matter. The bitmap fonts are mine that I legally generated, so I may distribute them as I please and they may be used freely in any way you please.

Again, this is according to my understanding of US Copyright laws only, and it is your responsibility to be sure you have the right to use them. (I say this only in an effort to indemnify myself in the event of any legal action that might arise against you, however unfounded or unlikely it may be. Don’t be afraid to use them… I gave you enough links that you can be just as sure as I am that it is okay.)

Also, keep in mind that rasterization (making an image from a vector font program) is the intended purpose of a font. It is not wrong to utilize a clever tiling algorithm on the image that you legally generated in order to organize the letters into words and sentences.

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BTW, thanks to all for the props.

Ven0m, I’m going to make good on that unreasonable font promise I made to you. Perhaps as soon as tonight. Everyone else, you will benefit from it as well.

Actually, what I meant was that I downloaded the open-source bitstream fonts before this and made them bitmap fonts. So does this mean that, because the typefaces are open-sourced, and I made them bitmap fonts, is fully legal?

Oh, and here’s the bitstream page: OS font

Okay, after a memory refresh it should be fully legal. :smiley: hopefully.

Thank you very much, I will use them as I find need!


Many thanks blendenzo! They will come in handy.

These files would be pain to find safely. Thanks for uploading these!