1394 Problems, URGENT

I have an external firewire drive, OXFORD IDE DEVICE.
According to the control panel and hardware device manager, it is working properly, but the drive will not show up on my computer. All I get is a task tray icon allowing me to safely remove the hardware.
I need to be able to access the files on the drive to do some compositing work for a Gala event that is next saturday.
I’ve already searched for drivers online and I have found none.
Help please!!!

It sounds like you’re using Windows but what machine formatted the drive?

It could be that the disk format is for another system.

I had heard there were problems with the oxford IDE devices in that rebooting with it plugged in would stop it mounting - in effect breaking the drive. But I think that was just a Mac thing.

I actually have a similar drive myself but it’s usb so the drivers would be no use. Maybe this site will help:

Please provide more system and product details.

sorry its oxford IDE IEEE 1394 device running on windows XP (at least trying to)