14 member team looking for highly motivated recruits with 2+ years experience.

We are currently accepting highly motivated and skilled artists for an animated movie project. Our team is working with storyboards and concepting is still in the early stage . We are also having daily meetings lining out work checking in progress and the likes via irc chat. The project is volunteer based but if we are successful, it may turn into a paying job. It all depends on how far we are willing to go. On the other hand, the work you do will be just one more piece in your portfolio. If this sound like something your interested in, contact me at [email protected] You can find the project in my signature. Thank you for your time.


Just so you know we have 14 people on the project now.
3 writers
1 cameraman/lighting
1 professional animator
2 voice actor
1 sound effects guy
3 character concept artists
1 environment modeler
1 generalist
1 Director.

Positions Available:

5 concept Artists
3 character modelers
5 environment modelers
2 vfx specialist
1 Assistant director
2 lighting and texturing artist
5 Animators
2 writers
5 vehicle modelers
1 Professional rigger
1 professional post production Compositer

We are filling spaces fast so don’t miss out on the ground floor of this epic blockbuster. As soon as we get a scene done we can shoot for funding. Have a nice day.

Looks good, I sent an email. I enjoy the style!


After 9 days our team has grown to 15 dedicated members and we are expanding more and more as we see the scope of the project is getting bigger. We havent decided yet wether to make it a Epic Saga or An episodic Adventure. Stay tuned because you don’t want to miss out!


We now have Google drive and all members have been added. The Irc channel is where you can participate in the daily meeting. The modelers are ready to go but we are short on concept artists. The character concept artist is lined out but we have no character modeler. :slight_smile: The cool thing is everyone is ready to go. Just a few more holes to fill and we will be on our way. -Aaron-

I’m a female voice actor and would love to help if you need it! :slight_smile:

Just Email me at [email protected] and we’ll get you up to speed. :slight_smile:

You plan to manage a 46 member team? Holy cow good luck!

I’ve emailed you.

Zebrakiller haha tgats why I need assistant directors. :wink:

I’ve emailed you.

Cool. Also you can reach us on our facebook page. https://m.facebook.com/EpicAnimationStudio

I have emailed you about the project