$150 Rigger Needed For Roblox


I’m looking for someone who can rig my Roblox character similar to this Maya rig that I use regularly for animation. We can talk over discord for more details but some of the things I’d expect in this rig are,

  • IK/FK Switch
  • Stretchy Limbs
  • Full Body and Face Rigged With Deformation Potential

The highest I’m willing to pay for this is $150 through Paypal.

Contact me through here or on discord if interested, ( Splashy#6227 )

what maya rig are u talking about?

This rig. It’s one my friend made a custom rig actually but I need a recreation of it in blender.

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the facial thing its just the eyes,eyebrows, and mouth right?, cheeks no? i am kinda interested but i need some specifications for if i can do it or not.

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Hey! Just message me and no cheeks aren’t needed that would be cool though haha.

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i send you a message,check it

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