16:9 resolution

I know i can change the resolution in F10 panel and choose between different options. So i choose PAL 16:9 but once it’s rendered, in the render window, i get the image stretched, why?

PAL doesn’t use square pixels. The image displayed on your computer will be distorted, but if you play it through a widescreen PAL system it will be just right

Hey cool - never knew that. Thanks

Ok i understand! So to get a 16:9 image in blender and for the computer i must use square pixels, so aspX=100 and aspY=100 and only change the sizeX and sizeY to match a 16:9 resolution.Am I right?

yes. easiest way to is to click HD as the preset and then choosing a %, like 50%. ALTHOUGH, if you are going to be watching your video on a TV, and hence the need for the PAL settings, keep in mind you only have 720 pixels across in the X direction.

If your video is going to be broadcast on EU TV (PAL) though, you have to respect the pixel aspect ratio, or the image will be displayed distorted on the tele. Watching TV is like looking at your image on a computer monitor through a distorting set of glasses.

thanks again for the replies!

The HD trick playing with percents works nicely. I think i will use it till now.

And well, sorry for my English.

For PAL letterboxed square pixel 16:9 I usually use the numbers 720 px wide x 405 px high (approx but good enough)

Or you can just use 1024x576, which is 16:9 square pix. BTW the equivalent 4:3 resolution is 768x576.

Cheers, mats