16-bit mist for stereogram depthmaps ?

(french_dave) #1

I’ve been using Blender to create depthmaps for single-image-stereograms (SIRDS). To get the depth information I use <mist> and then extract the alpha channel before input into a stereogram generator. Problem is that the maximum resolution I can get is 8-bit. Although my stereogram generator includes an oversampling feature the results remain unsatisfactory. Does anyone here have any ideas about other ways to do this or maybe news about 16-bit mist in future releases of Blender ??

(RipSting) #2

I don’t know about the bit depth of Blender’s mist. I suppose a 24 bit Targa file would have 8 bits per channel…

I’ve used Stereogram Explorer to create some Magic Eye style images (not sure if that’s the kind you’re looking for). It can directly import .3ds models so it should be accurate. You’ll need something like crossroads 3D to convert a blender-exported DXF into the 3ds format.

(french_dave) #3

Thanks, effectively Stereogram Explorer is much better (smoother, no ghosts etc.) than 3DMiracle or SISgen.
A pity it’s not freeware…! Now to try with crossroads 3D