16th century sail boat

So I am a very young blender artist (17 years old) and i have been really trying to learn and get better so for most of my school project i will find a way to incorporate using blender as much as i possibly can. just this week i have a history project of making something or giving a presentation on something from the 16th century. so as you can see from the boat… i decided to make a boat. There is still mich that has to be done and i plan on making most if not all of the interior as well. This is not the finished boat and its not even close to being done but i will be checking back with up dates as the month (the duration of my project) goes on/ I would very much appreciate the input on what i can change or improve on this modle so please leave some good comment :smiley:

Looking good, can we orthagraphic (straight, side, top) views of it, as well as wires?

i began working on the St’ Maria and still is

your beginning to have some good smooth surfaces
proportions are not too bad

a few things here

do you have a specific model to follow ?

16 Centu ships did not have any wheels that i remember of !

the ropes are too big and squarish

also add something with know dimensions like a character to know the relative size of things around

keep up the good work
happy 2.5

yes i really need something to give the relitive size of this boat. I really dont like making people but i may have to make simple one or two just to give some more perspective. I really need to work on the proportions around the railings because the are way too big at the moment. I dont have a modle to follow so some things are a little hard. Im not sure what you ment by the ropes being square tho. the ropes are curves and are very round so if you could explain a little about what makes them look square. Thanks for the commet :slight_smile:

sorry i did not look the right way
the rope are rounded but with the shadow it sort of looks squarish ! LOL

but i think they are too big at leat in the close up shot
but may be they’r ok!

you could simply add something like a cube 2 x1 X1 and give a note

or get a low poly character at blenderswap site just to give idea on relative size
cause here we don’t really know if it is a boat of 50 or 150 feet long !

now if you need a model you can search the different site i’m certain you can find some drawings for old boats!
or may be if someone has some site in sight !

keep up the good work
happy 2.5