1700's low poly house

Hi everyone,

after a very long break of 3D, I’m coming back with the modeling of a ACIII inspired house which contains 2426 polygons up to now. Here are some renders :

I used Blender 2.64 for modeling this.

Right now, I don’t have any problem with the house but I keep trying to figure out how I will manage to unwrap the UVs for it. Will I have to actually separate every single objects to unwrap or keep all of them in one unique object?

Tell me what you think about it, I accept the critics.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Your missing gutters and down spouts on the front and back and probably around each of the windows projecting from the roof. That will add additional detail, realism and create a proper break between the walls of the house and the roof shingles. Ya its a pain but you will have to unwrap each face (front back sides steps shutters windows ect.) of course there are some things you will be able to get away with UV unwrap with Smart UV Project:P

Good luck and keep going you’ve got a great start now just make it pretty and add some grass and trees!

Thanks for your advice,

I have made some changes to create a proper break between the walls of the house and the roof but concerning the gutters, I am not certain they actually existed in the 1700’s.

I didn’t want to create an old house in a modern environment but an old house in a 1700’s context.

For the UVs, I’m going to begin it as soon as possible and post new captures.

I’m not an artchitecture person myself, but the stairs don’t seem very realistic. Shouldn’t they have something more to them?

I think that what makes them unrealistic is that the countermarch wasn’t tall enough, so I just fixed that.

Thanks. :wink: