17th century Zaanse paper mill

I was inspired to make a historic scene from where I live.

This would be a typical paper mill as found along the river Zaan, in Noord Holland.
It’s not any mill in particular, but it is inspired by “De Oude Voorn

I’m not entirely sure yet how I will tackle the grass, but I’ll see.

I think I will try to make a couple of different shots at different Time of Day / Weather scenarios.


It’s beginning to look like something…

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Slowly coming to life, I like the grass like this

Eevee is fun!

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sick sunrays :slight_smile:

You can see the paper hanging out to dry.
The roof is next, and once the drying shed is done, I’ll tackle the mill and the base

The roof texture is largely procedural, displacement drives the main shape, and noise textures makes for random tile colors

Slowly working on the rest of the mill. I’ll try the new cloth brush on the sails!

Starting to get a feel for the front of the mill

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Almost done, I think!

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Nice thing about eevee is that it’s super quick to iterate with, and volumetrics are super cheap (compared to path tracing, that is).

In this case, the rain is just 2 volumes. One for the fog that is the result of the rain hitting the water, and the rain itself (which is just a stretched musgrave sample). So easy! And I can switch between these 3 scenarios by switching on or of collections and changing the environment image.

The water is a fun material, too. It’s just some voronoi gradients layered on top of each other.


this is a truly beautiful work! is it finished already?

Thanks Raikazu, it’s not finished yet, as I want to make a few more tweaks for historical accuracy’s sake.

Had to throw in some boats. The rowboat is a bit more detailed, but still quite simple.
Works well enough.

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How about some 360 windmills?


I made these by rendering six 90 degree views in eevee, then stitched them together. Not perfect, but good enough for a quick impression.

P.S. Is there any way to embed 360 panoramas on this forum?