18 Legg'ed Freaks! [LightFlow Spider Mech]

Made me’self a wee li’l spidermech. Took about an hour to model in a fit of nostalgia. GI + Raytracing in Lightflow.

5 hours export (ugh!),
1 hour render.


Compostition sucks, I know, I’ll make another one where it’s better.

wow, not too shabby

animate him in lightflow

I’ll be in this house for another year or two, so i look forward ot it before i leave (yay, an hour a frame… 5 for motion blujr)

WOW!!! :o :o :o


My only crit is, where are the hydraulic hoses? You have all those nice cylinders there, but no hoses?!?! Sorry, I’m a mechanical engineer and I notice these things.

Very cool model though.


Nice, this 2 legged freak likes it!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!


Extrem cool

Very cool, but…
how are those hydraulics gonna work?? ( no hoses )
you might wanna change that

I like it but I’m a freak for robots.


WOAH man!

I love this! it’s easy to model. Makes me want to start blendering inmediately. geeeezzz…i’m jst…speechless

have you posted it at another forum yet? like CGchat.com or cgtalk.com?
I strongely encourage you to do so. it’s an amazing work, and I would like to see everybodies comments when you say it’s made in blender :smiley:


wow! thats so cool! it made me go download lightflow! but, oh god, how do i use this thing! i have the blender export script and all, but it aint working…boooo…
that is a great pic man, really great!

Beauty. 5 hours export, huh? It looked so realistic, I almost expected to see a consumer warning label on one of the legs.

Fantastic modelling! Really good!
You used an arealight for that? I personally actually
like the bit of noise you see, to me that makes it
come more alive, some renders tend to look too clean

And to everybody else, the 5 hour export is ‘exclusive’ to the old script.

waaaaay cool,better than i have managed with lightflow :o
cool stuff,how about a look at the py file,id like to see how your lighting was done?

very nice!


Actually, has I known that ALT-D meshes only export once, it would have been much quicker to export. I’m a little dissapointed that I never got around to doing hoses, cockpit interior etc. but I have guests over and there’s no time now. Before I post this on cgtalk I’ll wanna have another go at it, make a real environment, etc. maybe do some damage to it like scars and dirt, and perhaps make some weapons for it.

The lighting is not an arealight, It’s a standard irradience solution with a ambient hemisphere. I’ve found a very efficient and high quality setting for the radiosity parameters that gives the nice results you see here. It’s possible to do better though, and I may up the sampling. It should only about double the rendertime.

The real trick for this one was to slightly mirror the white limbs to give the illusion of more detail than there actually is. It’s not a very complicated mesh, It just took so long to export because of the many duplicated parts. I’ll have to optimize it.

What do you guys suggest for an environment?

I don’t know about any environments, I personally don’t have any imagination, so I leave that to others. But I would of course be interested to see your settings for that. I guess you decreased re-use-distances, stratified sampling maybe?
I don’t think you have to ‘optimize’ anything for the new script, you did see the PM I sent yesterday?

yhea I got the message, and I’m gettin excited.

yes, that’s it. just decreased the last number for the reuse distances, set bounces to 1, and set sampling to 100. no stratified sampling, as i don’t really understand it and its slow.

heh someone on cgtalk wip forum thought it was max+brazil.

Here’s an enviroment idea:

Put him in a web made of something akin to bicycle chain. Load it up with “real” spiders in various stages of capture/death. Yum.

Really like your image.

Good idea. This is a great model and render but the guys at CGTalk can be brutal sometimes. Hoses would be a great addition but weapons would make it too much “just another blast’em robot”. Maybe try putting it in an alien environment sent there to gather rocks and dirt-- a much more noble cause (IMHO). Any plans to animate?

Hey, it’s a really cool model. I’ll second what CurtiS said. Put it on Mars or something and put a NASA logo on it or something equivalent.

I guess we can take this as a compliment :slight_smile:


I’ve actually never done an animation; don’t know how. any IKA tuts out there that woud give me a quick study?