180 Rotation plus Simple deform on X

Doing a simple deform on sphere on x only, but also would like to rotate mesh as well at same time- I’ve searched online but not seeing how it’s done if at all.

Thx ;0

Are you using an empty or something for the simple deform? Parent the empty to the deformed mesh, then rotate the mesh object. Not sure if that’s what you’re after, but it should take all of thirty seconds to see.

Using RC1, Sphere with Simple Deform, added empty and parented to sphere, but trying to rotate it does nothing.

What am I missing ? :wink:

Ok so, I did the rotating of object, added 4 keyframes which do show up in the animation timeline with the other keyed frames of deform anim.NO empty , other than the one suggested.

On play tho, I’m only getting the deform anim. I’m very new to most all of this, no doubt something crazy Im not doing :wink:

Okay, so you’re not using an empty for the simple deform.

But really, I have no idea what your problem is, or how you have things set up (there’s about a bazillion ways to do any particular thing in Blender) or what you want. A few screenshots could go a long ways.

OKay , Very basic stuff as I warm up for other things, but here is a pic as asked

Are you trying to rotate your object in edit mode? You need to rotate it in object mode.

Start with a fresh scene. Select your cube (in object mode) and hit i->rotation to register your keyframe. Change to frame 30 (or whatever), hit r x 180 to rotate the cube 180 degrees in the x axis. Hit i->rotation to create another keyframe registration. Hit play.

Working okay? Then try adding a simple deform modifier. They combine fine. Or try it on the scene you screenshotted above, once you delete the other keyframes.

Perfect, ty so much for help, Z did it. Its a very simplistic animation but over time I"ll add to it.
ONe thing, I can’t get the video to render after render > render animation, I was just going to share my first anim, simple it is, thx for helping.

OK all done, VERY simplistic, but hey gottta start somewhere , pls see attached.