184,190 Verts GTX 660ti Evee test

I decided to check out the latest test build of Blender 2.8 and Subdivided a wip font to a mad vert count to see what kind of frame rate I could get in the Blender Eevee real time engine, without the screen capture software going I could get 60fps at 1440p on my poor old GTX 660ti video card. Certainly impressed with the performance of the engine, Blender 2.8 is going to be a great release hopefully the game engine gets access to Eevee. :yes:

Whether or not the Game Engine will return with Eevee as the renderer, really depends on whether the UPBGE team will make the effort to do what is needed to have it as the drop-in replacement for the current GE.

They already have an experimental build that utilizes Eevee and so far, they have made some promising steps towards getting things to a state that the BF is looking for.

good to hear there is progress on the upbge side, will do a search for more info thanks for the heads up…