18th Century Frigate

Hi folks :slight_smile:

First time post here, so a little introduction about myself: I´ve been using blender for three years now, but I´d describe myself as an advanced beginner. My favourite subject are 17th/18th century vessels.

I´d like to show you my newest project, a sailing frigate. Very early WIP, but she´s coming along nicely so far.

It´s just the hull and parts of the head at the moment - with a lot of modifiers :stuck_out_tongue:

My references are the contemporary National Maritime Museum plans for the Panthere, a french frigate captured by the British in 1744 and this wooden model: http://modelisme.arsenal.free.fr/jacquesmailliere/La%20Comete/indexgb.html

Wow that looks really good

Thanks :slight_smile:

Worked on the bow area at bit today:

Bow´s pretty much complete mesh-wise (all textures are placeholders):

Got the figurehead from a very talented guy, it fits perfectly after small adjustments with a mesh deform modifier.

The fun part started yesterday, all the bow pieces are properly uvmapped now. And the tris count is rising happily, now at 39k (budget for the whole ship without guns is 200K) :slight_smile:

A very impressive start for a historical frigate, keep up the good work to the end. With that level of detail you will spend 200k faces easily.
I have bookmarked the thread.
For a ship from 1750 the carvings seem to be quite big. I had a look at the model you referenced. Would be interesting to see the Panthere plan in comparison.

Here´s the draught, the ship ‘as taken’ in 1744

As you can see, I changed the head layout a bit (a double headrail), the transom will be modified, too.
The carving at the upper end of the headrail is as big as on the Comete, it´s just way more massive, so it appears bigger (imo). But that´s a placeholder, she´ll get something more sophisticated :slight_smile:

And internal details like the deckbeams won´t be visible on the final model, but I need them as guidance where things like capstans and hatches go. Otherwise I´d reach the 200k tris limit very fast, ship models eat polies for breakfast :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, I just had a look at your website and some of the pictures looked very familiar. Your old website with all the great scenes got me started on (historic ship) modelling back in 2009; the i-world is small, eh? ^.^

Got some work done yesterday, made the rough outline of the transom:

Look´s great

I would discribe you as highly advanced beginner. Very nice modelling, good topology!

Sincerly yours RF

I love this type of ships, looking great! Nice job on the hull planks… Shouldn’t the keel be a separate piece?

are the planks curved or straight horizontal on a boat like that ?

yours look bended around the hull is this like the real ship or you made it up ?

beginning to look good

but with rounded planks it’s gone be a bit more difficult to do the UV map !


The planks are bend, they were heated over open fire, then bend into the desired shape. Here´s a contemporary model which shows the curvature and tapering of the planks quite nicely (third pic, zoom with mousewheel) :


but with rounded planks it’s gone be a bit more difficult to do the UV map !

Depends on how you set up the model. This is what my edgeflow looks like:

Nice job on the hull planks… Shouldn’t the keel be a separate piece?

Oh, they´re separate pieces, it´s just that the colour is pretty similiar, so the keel may appear planked.
I won´t use more texture variants as the colouring will be done with the CryEngine material editor.

And thanks for the C&C, guys, much appreciated!! :slight_smile:

do you individuals planks or one big mesh for the side hull?

there was a thread talking about UV mapping hull a few months ago!


That looks pretty neat indeed! I found the tricky part is always to cut the gunports :smiley: Boolean mess ftw…

LiMuBei…hmmmm, you made some ships for PotBS, right?

And yeah, the result of the bolean modifier is not pretty :stuck_out_tongue: I´ll cut the gun and sweep ports manually when I think the hull is done…whenever that is ^.^

do you individuals planks or one big mesh for the side hull?

there was a thread talking about UV mapping hull a few months ago!

The hull is just a single mesh, no way I´d model all the individual planks :wink:
Got a link for to thread you mentioned, sounds interesting to me.

Yes, made some models for PotBS :slight_smile:

Impressive start. I like the texture on the bow close up. Nice bump map in the black part.
To cut out the gun ports in my navy cutter model I used two steps:
First model the basic hull following a blueprint, second use retopology to get a second clean mesh at the ports.

Thanks, seawolf :slight_smile:

I´ll probably go the retopo route you suggested for the port-/sweepholes, seems the reasonable way.

Another small update:

The stern geo is more or less complete, the missing parts are carvings that need to be sculpted, chains and the leather cover for the black part of the rudder.

are the planks stack over each other or flat ?
unless an optical illusion here!

you can use dynatopo to add sculpt details to back of ship

there is a blendswap file with some barrock sculpting if you don’t want to do it yourself !

coming along well


The planks are flat, I´ll need to make klinker planks for the ship´s boats, though.

And good post, RB, didn´t know about dynatopo and the baroque sculpts on blendswap until your comment, they´ll be useful for sure. I actually used one of the leaf sculpts for the stern of the ship. Thanks :slight_smile: