19 monitor to rest....Arrghh...wtf !!


suddenly when starting my dual montior setup 19+15,
with my new and fresh GeForce FX5600 card…the 19 monitor
started to flex a lot…and suddenly it looked as I needed
glasses for me to watch it :frowning:

so, I have been using it for 4 solid years now, lucky me the even
older 15 monitor I got not long ago, still works, wonder why my 19
has kind of dropped dead…a Hansol 900P 19 inch montior…

arrghh…maybe this is a sign to buy a totally new computer system???

I said to myself when getting my 19 monitor, if I don’t buy this size
I will regret it , and now I am very sad that it is broke :frowning:

bye 19 monitor… %|

I feel for ya. Had my 19" for about 3 years now and it’s getting these permanent lines. Looks very bad on a black screen, flux-ish lines. I paid $500 + American for this, so I’m a little worried. Not in the mood to drop that much cash again all at once. :frowning:

Ztonzy, get in touch with a TV repair shop. They may be able to fix it, after all TVs and Monitors are pretty much the same.


Oh darn - that sucks badly! I’ve got this great 14" in my closet if you’d like a totally unusable replacement :smiley:

arg i feel your pain man my 19 just died last night ;( i took it apart and the tube had a crack in it so no repairs would be worth the money - back to the 17 and maybe a 15 i have in the cornet grrr

hey guys!

thanks for your support :slight_smile: in my darkness…

oh, thanks James!, but I have already a 15" , I was running dual monitor right before this happened, so I do have a monitor, which though sucks bad, heh…having a 15 one after been using a 19 for 4 years, ahh crap! but at least I can read your replies and supports :slight_smile:

heh, will see what I will do, maybe buy two 17 inch CRT’s or two 15 TFT, or a new 19 …hmm, dont know what to do…maybe a sign for getting a totally new system ? %|


damn! that sucks :frowning:

do you think it will be wise? maybe better to buy a new one…

hey why not get Dual 19" flat screen CRT’s

i have 1 19" flat screen CRT now, and its real nice (i don’t know what i would do without it)

1600x1200 resolution (but i could go higher, just not if i wan’t to read anything LOL)

anyway i feel sorry for you.


uh dual 19" ? heh…gotta be expensive…but would rock though…did you mean TFT ?

well, damnm, still on this tiny sucky 15" monitor writing this…

soon 4 weeks off…what to do? no clue…any suggestions ?

do you think it will be wise? maybe better to buy a new one…[/quote]

If it is fixable, then it may be worthwhile. Depends on what is wrong with it though.


Get one of those thin TV’s, they cost around a thousand, but I’m sure it would rock.

Nope i didn’t mean TFT.

i ment CRT (personally CRT’s are within a reasonable price range)

you could get 2 Great quality 19" Flat screen CRT’s for about $700 (from a good brand like phillips)

i have a flat screen 19" and it is So much nicer than a curvey monitor.

oh p.s. if you want curvey monitors you can get 2 normal 19" CRT’s for about
400-500 same res as a flat one.

oh and Al_Capone

DUMB IDEA, those t’vs suck as computer monitors, i know the differnce between the two and a common mistake is people thinking they ar the same thing.

computer monitors and tv’s are rather differnt (slowly getting closer together but still a wee way off)

even a 51" tv will not make a good computer montior except for perhaps watching movies, or winamp!!

Blender on a tv= NO WAY


So a flat thin HDTV is bad for computers ?

i’m not sure on HDTV’s resolution but i belive they are still pretty average.

i know that an HDTV is about an avergae monitor (but its not like 1600x1200 or anything)

and also the refresh rate is an issue, but i think most modern tvs are doing 100Hz.

so yes an HDTV could be alright, but for blender its still not as good as a 19" or 21" flatscreen.

also i did say that the two technologys are getting closer together. they are pretty close now but its stil a few years off before a tv screen becomes an equivalent choice to a computer monitor.

P.s. tv’s are now shipping with DVI sockets to connect directly to the computer which is a sign they are getting pretty close.


<sad voice> It was a good monitor, yet i never new it well. How often we only realise things after it is too late. May the lord be with all who help the monitor on his quest to the higher place </sad voice>


Yeah, i tried blender on a tv once (sony trinitron). the quality was actually quite impressive, but far from being as good as a high quality monitor.