1910 (T-ford in scene) (update: 29-12)

(Goofster) #1

Wurp showed us his excellent T-Ford in #blenderchat tonight. only drawback was that it was modelled in XSI (yes, we slapped him around). I boldly stated that it could be done in blender too.
so here I am. it’s now 5:11 (at night) and I’ve been modelling since 1:00
here are some snapshots from the model:


NEW (29-12)

And some more fun in Photoshop:

(Zweistein) #2

6.13am now :wink: I go to have some sleep. Cool work till now. I think the roof is too big. CU

(Juuseri) #3

Wonderful!!! :o

Only comment is that in last picture the black car fades to background and lot of details losts. So more lights could help.

(ndnchief) #4

WOW, the modeling is great, the metal textures look GREAT, the reflections and lighting, well, I LIke Much. Been away for while, nice to come back and see something as nice as this, Great Work!


(kaktuswasse) #5

ha, you finally made it. great work, although the tires seem to be not as good as the ones from wurp :stuck_out_tongue:

cya henrik

(sten) #6

great start Goof !! :smiley:

(paradox) #7

Very cool. Now add a seat. I don’t think the top is too big. It is also a bit stylistic which I also like.

(Ecks) #8

I like it alot better than the one of Wurp (sory wurp :stuck_out_tongue: ) but your tire is not as good as the one of Wurp :Z

(olaf) #9

Hey nice modeling job, I like oldtimers very much, well done man.

When I’ve finished my Nightscene, the next thing i’ll try to model
is an old Locomotive (i’m engineer for locos). If somebody need some really good blueprints from old locomotives send me an e-mail.

See ya, Olaf.

(monk) #10

Amazing work, Goofster. It is so amazing that I did not notice that there is no rear axle and no interior. The car looks so good that you do not care. (I have seen a lot of drafts, and never noticed these things until now)

I can not imagine how you modelled it so well with so many curves. Your texturing and lighting are equally impressive.

(Goofster) #11

heh, the early version indeed has no rear axle. but HEY! they weren’t as advanced as we are now back then :slight_smile:


(Vigilante) #12

I love the 4th pic looks very authentic Keep it coming man.

(S68) #13

Veery nice, and the paper grain in the images is sooo cool.


(kaktuswasse) #14

wow, that 4th pic is great

(BgDM) #15

Wow Goofster! Trying to get yourself into the next CJ? :wink:

Nice lighting. Nice scene and great post processing.


(Zweistein) #16