1911 Rolls Royce Limousine Open Drive


This work is mainly based on some images of the 1911 Rolls-Royce 40/50hp Silver Ghost Open Drive.

It will made companion to a military truck ZIS-5 and a Zeppelin shown in other threads of mine, in a scene with all them and other things.

A little of history: originally named the “40/50 hp”, became known as “Silver Ghost” referred to the car’s ghost-like quietness.
Known simply as ‘The Best Car in the World’, the 40/50 hp Rolls-Royce was produced from 1907 until 1926.

Thanks in advance for critiques.

Uh, I can’t enlarge it to view the fine details. Is this just me? Anyways it looks pretty good and excellent modeling!:wink:

Hi Bonez4ever,

Here is a larger image, thanks.


modelling looks excellent! some of the materials look a little bit plasticky/fake 3D. If I didn’t know the car I wouldn’t be able to tell which bits are shiny metal, which bits are painted metal etc. Which shaders are you using? I tend to go for WardIso for shiny metal, but I guess if its an old car and its been buffed down over the ages what might look too shiny and new.

The front grille and seats on the inside look excellent. Maybe the metal doesn’t look right because it has nothing to reflect in your scene? Maybe try loading an environment/normal map, or just a ZBrush matcap that fakes shading? http://www.pixologic.com/zbrush/downloadcenter/library/
good luck!

very nice model

but need some inprovement on type of materials

out of curiosity did you also model the inside i mean the motor?

keep up the good work

happy blendering

Thanks for the feedback.

I’ve done several tests with “car paint materials” from Blender material repository but none have pleased me, considering rendering time vs in scene effect. Hope I will develop a good one for my particular purpose soon, though it is not a priority now.

I plan to put this RR togheter with military truck ZIS-5 and LZ-127 Zeppelin (shown in other posts in this forum and also in my deviantart page) in a “Cardington Mooring Mast” scene. And also together with some other vintage vehicles I’m doing.

It will be a scene of the LZ-127 docking in the mentioned mast.

As these vehicle models will be quite far (and small) due to comparatively large height of the mast, I found that the “best” car paint will not be much noticed, as far as rendering tests showed this.

Note: the Cardington mooring mast “station” itself is ready, though I’ve not published it yet.

Here is the base image for my model, for those who whould like to compare and identify materials. More images: side view and dashboard.

Just a reminder, RR cars were tailor-made and still today are highly customised. So I picked some parts that I liked more in other but close 1910’s limousine versions.

Answer to RickyBlender: chassis/suspension/differential are modeled, but the engine is not yet, I’m gathering more blueprints and reference pictures for now.


I’ve added some details: rear window curtains, wheels rims, more detailed chesterfield seats, etc. And also improved the some materials.

It is a progress, isn’t it? Give me your opinion…

Higher resolution image is here.

Feel free to browse my other works in this page.


Very Impressive Efforts to design the Car…

Kate Simon
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Hi Kate,

It indeed took many hours to reach this result. Blueprints are scarce, even images of such open drive models. From the true meshes of chesterfield seats to dozens of different rendering set-ups, maybe this model is quite representative of a magnific car like this one.

This model is fantastic. I saw it a while ago (week or more) and didnt post for whatever reason. Better late than never I suppose :slight_smile:

I must however agree that your materials need a little sprucing up. I know you said you checked out the repository. But double check this material : http://matrep.parastudios.de/index.php?action=view&material=294-car-paint-with-flecks&fc=9 It is a 3 node material if I’m not mistaken. Its currently what I based my car paint material from. Regardless of how it looks initially (which with the proper lighting SHOULD be decent) it gives you the node base to build from.

It takes a little bit, but there is about a hundred different things you can alter on this material since it essentially uses 3. And I’ve personally found this material to be very useful.

Also take a peak here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=71232 Its the same material I believe, if not the .blend should be available of that scene, which you can append the material. Quite frankly, if you download the .blend, delete the vw beetle and put your car in the same scene with that material (change color obviously) it will most likely look better than the current renders. However as already stated, this is an OLD car, so don’t let it get too shiny. I personally have never scene a car past the 1980’s that I can see my reflection in.

For your tire material, try adding 2 or 3 different textures. All cloud, all different sizes, all different shade of grey, and blend them in so they don’t stand out too much and it should look much better. Unless the car was recently hit with tire shine, those tires are a bit on the shiny side as well, at least on the tread itself.

Since the car is an open fender old style it might make sense to try and throw dirt on the bottom skirts and at the very least inside the fenders/wheel wells themselves.

Anywho, like I said GREAT modeling. Regardless of accuracy (which as far as I’m concerned is done well), this obviously was done with great care and attention to detail.

I’d love to see the wires on those seats if you get the chance :slight_smile: Keep on blending

Hi tdietz87,

Thanks for your valuable hints and kindly comments!

I agree that the base car paint material you suggested is really simple and nice. But I
found it’s in fact the same as others I have already tested. Even so, I will try it once more later (other projects on the run… ).

Regarding the render setup you suggested, it seems not quite ready. If you try to render cars like this RR I think you will understand. At least for me, it’s hard to explain what’s the difference and what happens.

Please note: the appearance of this model is to be almost as brand new, it will be used in a 1920’s scene I am working on, mentioned in this thread, see 22-Jan-10 09:27 below.

Your request of chesterfield seats wires: please check an image below. Easy when you know…Note that the buttons are there, though not noticeable in the shown rendered images.

Finally, about tire’s materials can you send more details, and/or images or threads where you show it?